• I just wanted to thank you for making a cookie BETTER than even the Girl Scout Cookie "Thin Mints". You have no idea how HAPPY you have made me. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm 77 years old and gluten free since age 39. I bought Crunchy Chaos at Costco today! HURRAY... delicious... thanks for an excellent products. Where can I taste the rest of your line???
  • Your Oatmeal Raisin cookies are the best packaged cookie that I have ever tasted. Almost better than homemade!
  • "I recently found out I was allergic to wheat, so it's a struggle to find good tasting gluten free snack substitutes, but the Goodie Girl cookies are great."
  • I bought the crunchy chaos gluten free cookies today and the whole family loves them! I asked one of the Costco staff to help me find them.... Yumyum!
  • It is a real treat to have this gluten-free version of Thin Mints. This iconic cookie has been missed since going gluten free 10 years ago. I would love to see all these famous cookies in a GF version!
  • These are the BEST cookies I ever eaten (gluten-free or otherwise) OMGosh ‘gotta try these!
  • .... A gluten free THIN MINT people! And OMG seriously – These Goodie Girl cookies are heaven! – Glamour Magazine
  • I must tell you that your cookie, the Midnight Brownie one is absolutely delicious... Thank you Goodie Girl Cookies for giving me something that is good enough to really call a treat.
  • Your Goodie Girl cookies are fabulous. I expected cardboard (day 5 gluten free) and instead love them. As I told you, my 8 year old preferred Goodie Girl Cookies over Oreos!
  • My husband has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for 18 years now. He still misses tastes and textures he loved growing up — especially desserts. When he got your Goodie Girl Quinoa Choc-Chip cookies he was as excited as a little kid... the best gluten-free cookie he has ever had.
  • Loyal Goodie Girl Cookies Fan – I bit into my very first Goodie Girl Cookies pack (Crunchy Chaos) and immediately felt my eyes begin to well up with tears. It was the best damn cookie in the world, gluten-free or otherwise. I am so excited to share the Goodie Girl gospel with everyone I know!!!

Goodie Girl Cookies

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